Sunday, 2 September 2012

My 8 snacks of choice

I eat 3 main meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and I snack in between all the time (sometimes up to 4 times a day!). Snacking is important to ensure we receive constant energy to keep us going throughout the day. Besides this, snacking (I'm referring to healthy snacks only, i.e. "clean"/"quality" snacks with low or almost no fat so I apologise if I got you all excited when I mentioned "snacking"! :-P) also helps to keep hunger at bay and thus will steer us clear of ginormous portions during meal time. We all know ginormous portions will always mean high calories, and if we don't burn enough or all of it during the course of the day, the balance will be stored as fat.

There are many healthy/"clean"/"quality" snacks to choose from and I'm happy to list down and share 8 of my snacks of choice:-

Instant oats

Apples, pears and bananas

Low fat yogurt


Kacang putih

Whey protein shake

The above are my snacks of choice as I personally find them convenient to store and easy to consume, especially during weekdays when I'm at the office.

What are your preferred healthy snacks? Care to share?


  1. You forgot to add your cans of tuna with bread!

  2. oh yeah that too...i used to store tuna and bread in the office but not anymore. just too much hassle.

  3. Replies
    1. That's not a snack...more like main course!

      Btw having it now! :-)