Thursday, 21 February 2013

Benefits of training with resistance machines

I've previously blogged on benefits of free weights training and it's only apt I also share my views on the benefits of training with resistance machines.

Everyone knows what resistance machines are. If you are not too sure, they are those massive looking machines that you see at the gym. These machines are specially designed to help you train your specific target muscles by ensuring they move in the right motion and with the right technique. Some single exercise resistance machines are the incline chest press machine, flye machine, preacher curl machine etc.

Use resistance machines whenever you want to train isolated muscle groups and when you are cutting. Resistance machines are good as they work only the targeted muscle groups and restrain you from using your other muscles to compensate and assist the movement. You also won't be able to make any swinging movements to generate momentum and aid your training, resulting in a better workout for that specific target muscle groups. Resistance machines are also safer to use especially for novices thus can prevent accidents in the gym. If you have an injury or recovering from an injury,  resistance machines can help strengthen the injured muscles and ensure you don’t strain yourself while working out. Finally, resistance machines can also function as foundation before moving on to more difficult free weights.

My final words before signing off...


Resistance machines are not for sissies! Serious bodybuilders use them too! :-)

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