Friday, 1 March 2013

Personal training

I've been lifting weights for over 10 years now and I consider myself pretty experienced and knowledgeable in this area. So when I was approached by a trainer at the gym, I was noticeably uninterested. I would typically not listen to any trainer as most of them are not experienced and don't look the part (most are smaller than me!). I've seen this guy train and he's probably as strong and as big as I am so I decided to have a chat with him and listen to his proposition.

After a chat, I started sharing my thoughts. My legs are genetically gifted and are visibly muscular (he calls it tree trunks!) although I don't squat that heavy or do heavy leg extensions/curls etc. My problem areas are my shoulders and chest, which don't seem to react much to my training and as such lag behind in comparison to my legs (he agrees).

He says he can help solve my problem and explains the technicalities of what he plans to do. I listened and listened and was still sceptical. My time is pretty tight and I don't really have a fixed time to workout. He says he can be flexible to accommodate my request and timing.

We spoke about the cost and it was pretty affordable.

That night, I gave it some consideration after Sonny and Girlie went to sleep. "No harm having a personal trainer. I could actually learn something new from him. Be open. Change can be a good thing."

The next day, I had another chat with the trainer at the gym before signing up for 24 PT sessions. We've decided to focus on my chest, shoulders and back during PT sessions. There'll be 2 PT sessions per week for me. On non-PT days, I'll be doing legs and arms (both biceps and triceps) on my own. I don't need his help with my legs and arms since they are in fine condition. Maintenance will do.

Moving forward, since every training session will be different (he likes to confuse the muscles), I'll be recording the movements in this blog for future reference.

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