Monday, 10 February 2014

Elbow injury

I thought to myself when I woke up last Monday morning..."Hmm, my right elbow feels weird. The pointed end of my elbow bone feels slightly sore and tender. This is not something that I've previously experienced before. This is definitely not a muscle pull or tendon injury. Did I fall down or knock something? What did I do over the weekend to sustain this injury?"

I didn't have an answer. I was dumbfounded to say the least.

I tried doing some push-ups and the pain was more noticeable. As a matter of fact, all movements that involved the extension of my right triceps would cause pain. However, there was no pain whatsoever when I executed pulling movements.

"Could I have busted my right triceps? If so, how? I didn't workout hard the week leading to this injury."

I'd previously visited Oriental Tit Tar for my shoulder injury and naturally that was the first place I wanted to visit to get my right elbow examined.

At Oriental Tit Tar, I explained my predicament to the sifu. We tried to speculate the cause of my injury but couldn't come to a consensus. He pushed, pressed and rubbed my elbow including my triceps and concluded that I've injured the veins in my elbow. Apparently these veins wrap around the elbow bone.

I found it hard to believe but accepted it anyway. I was glad it wasn't a bone injury. If it was, it would mean a long recovery period. The sifu assured me it was a minor injury and I would fully recover within a few weeks' time.

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My wrapped elbow

I've since gotten my right elbow wrapped 3 times at Oriental Tit Tar (Mon-Wed-Fri). My elbow feels much better now and there's only minor pain if I press my right elbow against something (anything, even my soft pillow or bed when I get out of bed). I've not gone to the gym for the past week and plan to take a break for the next few weeks to ensure full recovery. I hate sustaining any form of injury as that would mean timeout from the gym but I guess a break from the usual gym routine will do me good. Besides, this would mean more time for "bicep curls" at the bar! :-P

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