Sunday, 2 February 2014

My thoughts post-PT

Completion of PT #24 marks the completion of my personal training sessions with my "Wuss" Personal Trainer. Why "Wuss"? Well, that's what I call him :-) As a matter of fact, we call each other ridiculous names (thank God not lovey dovey pet names!!!) with the intention of psyching each other up during training so that we can workout that much harder. Personally (and looking at it as half full), I think it's a good thing :-)

Key takeaways from my PT sessions are as follows:-

1. Instead of lifting heavy weights right from the start, fatigue the muscles with a lighter weight and high reps  or even dropsets before moving to heavier straight sets to really workout the target muscles;
2. Good to have different combination of movements for each workout session to confuse our muscles and aide muscle growth;
3. Pulses/Partial movements immediately after full range movements helps to quickly wear out our muscles;
4. A spotter helps both physically and mentally (more of the latter IMO) when you are lifting weights; and
5. Good to have someone motivating you (or trash talking!) when you workout to get extra drive for additional effort.

So, will I sign-up for another round of PT? Highly unlikely. Why? A few reasons actually...

1. I don't have the flexibility of working out at my convenience and need to be at the gym at a particular time for my PT sessions;
2. As a seasoned gym-goer, I'm able to incorporate the key takeaways above into my future workout sessions;
3. Anyone working out at the weight section of the gym can be your spotter, just ask courteously;
4. I'm a seasoned gym-goer so no point, unless I'm training for a competition or an event or something; and
5. PT sessions don't come cheap.

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