Thursday, 13 June 2013

Formula for flat abs

Many people want flat abs. Fitness trainers and dieticians hear this question more than anyone else.

Getting flat abs is more difficult than you think. The formula may appear simple and straightforward but application/implementation requires discipline, determination and perseverance.

Flat abs = nutrition + cardiovascular training + abdominal training

Good nutrition is essential for a good physique. Think of the garbage-in and garbage-out analogy. Make good food choices and you are on a way to a leaner body. Eating five to six small and "clean" meals a day is recommended as it keeps your metabolic rate high, which gives energy. 

Cardiovascular training
Cardio training helpful to expend calories and burn fat. For abdominal muscles to be visible, you must shed the fat on top. Cardio training such as running, walking, cycling or swimming helps burn a lot of calories.

Abdominal training
Abdominal muscles are same as any other muscle group and they respond the same way. You need to focus and slow down your abs training to isolate the muscles. No point spending hours and hours on abs as you are just wasting your time. Remember, it's the quality and not the quantity. 

To get flat abs, you need to work on it! Combine all three elements above and you'll definitely see results. All experts agree to the above formula.

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