Sunday, 28 October 2012

I was busy working when I received a message on Whatsapp from Wifey...

"Check out!"

"Huh? What's this all about? What herbs do they sell? Are you suggesting I take some herbs? Safe or not?"

Wifey later explained that it's a website based out of USA that sells amongst others health supplements, foodstuff, supplies for babies and kids etc.

"I read it's cheaper than buying the same stuff from our local stores."

"Real or not? What if our order doesn't reach us? Let me do some research and check out the site."

The landing page of was minimalist. All items sold are listed clearly and without any frills. Since I've just bought whey protein from and I needed to stock up on creatine and BCAA, I clicked on these 2 items.

"Cool! These are brands that we cannot find here in Malaysia! So many to choose from! Wow!"

I spent some time reading the product descriptions (especially the expiration date, can't be ordering if the expiration date is just around the corner, right?) and compared various products etc. I even took out my trusty Excel sheet to calculate the unit cost of each item after conversion from USD into RM (it required some minor tweaking to accommodate currency conversion).

"Price is very affordable, even after including shipping charges! Hmm...very tempting!"

Could my online purchase go MIA?
I was worried my online purchase might go MIA and with that I would lose some money in the process. Also, I was worried about having to pay additional customs import taxes when the products arrive in Malaysia.

"If you seriously want to give it a shot, perhaps you can consider ordering something cheap. That way, you can test whether you end up having to pay customs import taxes when it arrives."

"Yeah, I guess so..." offers 3 shipping methods to Malaysia:-
1. DHL- Charges based on total weight of products shipped. 6-day average delivery time with possible extra delays/expenses due to customs. Offers tracking information.
2. UPS- Charges based on total weight of products shipped. 6-day average delivery time with possible extra delays/expenses due to customs. Offers tracking information.
3. International Airmail- Free delivery for orders over USD40.00. 1-4 weeks delivery time. Average delivery time to Malaysia based on feedback from existing customers is 9 days. No tracking information.

Accordingly to, international airmail deliveries are reliable and are a favourite shipping method for's customers in Europe and Asia Pacific. Also, chances are high that there will not be any additional customs import taxes. In the event of customs import taxes being charged upon arrival of the products ordered, the purchaser shall bear the same.

I selected the following products at
1. Optimum Nutrition, BCAA Caps, Mega-Size, 1000mg, 400 Capsules- USD24.62
2. Universal Nutrition, Creatine, 1000g- USD26.61

Total damage (including international airmail charges of USD4.00) is USD55.23, which is approximately RM172.72 (USD1:RM3.1272).

"This is not a lot of money. I don't mind giving it a shot..."

I took in a deep breath, then exhaled...and then I proceeded with my online purchase. My fingers were tightly crossed...

This time around, I made sure I double checked my orders and delivery details to avoid my previous fiasco! :-P

I waited and waited and waited...and my products arrived after about 2.5 weeks of making the online order. Here's the kicker...I didn't have to pay any customs import tax! :-)

Property of Mr Flabby Less
My ordered products arrived with 2 free gifts

Like me, if you would like to give a try and order something from them, please provide my referral code QUW344 when you make your online order. You will receive an instant USD10.00 off your first purchase of USD40.00 and above or USD5.00 off orders below USD40.00. I didn't get to enjoy any discount in my first purchase as I didn't have any referral codes as reference. Please don't make the same mistake ya...

I know I'm SO going to make more online purchasers from!

Online shopping is so easy and convenient!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Angry bird cupcakes

I'd initially wanted to make another batch of Mickey Mouse cupcakes for Sonny as it's rather easy to make but Sonny had other ideas...

"Sonny, would you like more Mickey Mouse cupcakes? Daddy is happy to make you some over the weekend."

"No. Please make angry bird cupcakes."

Gawd! How do I make angry bird cupcakes? What do I use for the angry bird features? How shall I design the cupcakes?

I'd so many questions and no answers so I'd to ponder creatively for a few days.

After some soul searching and discussion with Wifey, I've decided to give it a shot!


1. 125g butter softened
2. 1/2 cup sugar
3. 3 eggs
4. 1 1/2 self rising flour, sifted
5. 1/4 cup fresh milk
6. 3/4 tablespoon vanilla extract/essence

1. Cream butter and sugar with mixer
2. Add eggs, flour and milk and mix until smooth
3. Add vanilla extract/essence
4. Spoon about 2/3 cupcake cup
5. Bake for 15 minutes at 160C (fan)


1. 250g cream cheese
2. 60g butter softened
3. 1 cup icing sugar
4. 1 teaspoon vanilla extract/essence
5. 3/4 teaspoon red colouring

1. Beat cream cheese, butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract/essence until smooth, light and creamy
2. Keep in refrigerator for 30 mins or until firm.


1. Licorice- black in colour- eye brows
2. Marshmallows- eyes and chest
3. Chocolate chips- eyes
4. Dried mangoes- beak

1. Cut licorice into 1.5 inches in length and then half it in the middle. Make 12 pairs.
2, Cut marshmallows into little circles and large oval shape.
3. Cut dried mangoes into little triangles. Make 12 pairs.

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Ingredients for cupcakes

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Ingredients for red icing

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Ingredients for angry bird's features

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Freshly bakes cupcakes

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Time to assemble the angry birds!

Property of Mr Flabby Less
My lil' offsprings...

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Sonny's angry bird cupcake on his angry bird plate

I'm pretty happy with the end result! What's more important is that Sonny enjoys having them! I'm happy if and when Sonny's happy! Oh, the joy of fatherhood! :-)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

You are what you eat

Man trying to pick up gal at the bar, "Have you heard of the saying "you are what you eat"?"

Gal gives a half smile, "I don't believe I have."

Man continues, "Well, it's a simple concept. I could be you in the morning!"


Seriously, you are what you eat :-) How you look is largely attributable to what you eat (80%) and partially on your workout frequency, intensity etc (20%).

Let me explain further...

When I first started weight training, my entire focus was on the intensity and frequency of training. From straight sets to dropsets, and from supersets to pyramids (both half and full), I was gradually increasing the load over time. I also worked out 4 times a week, sometimes even 5 times. However, my dedication and perseverence didn't translate to any significant positive result. The input (workout) didn't quite equate to the output/result (muscle size, density etc). I was frustrated to say the least.

I felt like giving up. "What a waste of time! I'm better off hanging out with my friends or go pick-up/court some chicks!"

But vanity got the better of me and I continued for 2 years without seeing any real results.

Frustration was mounting and approaching the pinnacle when I started befriending some other guys at the gym. We exchanged ideas on training programme etc. But the ultimate difference was introduction by my new friend, SLY, to the importance of food and nutrition, i.e. "clean" and low fat food consumed every 2.5-3.0 hours or about 6 times a day. Say you need to consume a total of 2,400 calories a day, you just simply break that into 6 parts of 400 calories per meal. Back then, my weight was about 200lbs so I needed 300g (ratio of 1.5g for every 1lb of body weight during bulking stage) of protein everyday, which translates to 50g of protein per meal . The concept of breaking down your total required calories per day into 6 portions applies for both bulking or cutting stages, with the only difference being the total calories (and amount of protein) consumed.

When I initially started with my new eating regime, Mummio wasn't pleased plus worried with the change. "Why are you always eating (from previously 3 times to 6 times)? Aren't you afraid of getting fat (most people will think this way)? It's not healthy to be eating so much (she didn't know the overall portion size was the same, just that I broke it into 6 portions)."

"Don't worry, Mummio. I know what I'm doing. You'll notice the difference in due course."

I maintained my workout program (I did pretty much the same things) but changed my eating habit and saw immediate results within the first month! I was so excited that my hard work and dedication was finally paying off! I was growing larger gradually and my muscles were getting thicker, and as a result I was lifting heavier weights! I started getting noticed at the gym ladies (awesome!) and gay men (thanks, but no thanks!).

If I had known this earlier, I wouldn't have wasted the initial 2 years. It's just a simple concept..."eat right and train hard".

Remember, you are what you eat! ROFLMAO!!! :-P

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Woodbridge, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Woodbridge, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009
This wine has mild spicy dark fruit character and medium tannins. I find it very light and slightly sweetish in its finishing. Length and notes are short and forgettable. Honestly, it was so easy drinking and light that I didn't feel anything after drinking the entire bottle. IMHO this wine is forgettable and I'm definitely not a fan :-(

Women will love this as it's light and easy to drink right from the start! So if you want to please a lady, go for it! I know there are better options out there...

Friday, 12 October 2012

5 worst exercises for your shoulders and how to fix them

Since injuring my left shoulder some time back, I've been very careful whenever I lift weights. Although I've some what recovered, my shoulder doesn't feel the same again :-(

I stumbled upon this link and I think it's good to share with everyone. It explains the 5 worst exercises for your shoulders and how to fix them.

While working out is fun and it feeds your ego, you should be careful not to injure yourself. Proper form is important to maximise muscle growth potential and to avoid unwanted injury.

Do check out the link below...

5 worst exercises for your shoulders and how to fix them

Monday, 8 October 2012

Errazuriz, Max Reserva, Sabernet Sauvignon, 2009

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Errazuriz, Max Reserva, Sabernet Sauvignon, 2009
I like the burgundy colour and I enjoy the decent medium notes. It has a slight oaky taste and well balanced tannins throughout. It also tastes of sweet berries but not overwhelmingly sweet IMO. Overall, it's a  balanced wine and nice to enjoy on its own. Great to pair with soft/light cheeses and crisps. I seldom buy Chilean wines but this is pretty good and worth the money spent.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wall workout

Have you ever wondered that you could do with the wall instead of ramming your head hard against it at times of frustration? :-P

Well, you could us it to workout!

Below are some suggestions for wall workout....*LOL* working out with the wall, if you like! *ROFL*

Wall Planks- Squat on the floor and face away from the wall. Place your hands (at shoulder width) on the floor and start walking your legs backwards up the wall. Your legs should be raised higher than a normal plank (legs higher than head). Hold for as long as you can.

Feet on Wall Push-Ups- Squat on the floor and face away from the wall. Place your hands (slightly wider than shoulder width) on the floor and start walking your legs backwards up the wall. Your legs should be raised higher than your head. While keeping your feet comfortably and firmly pressed against the wall, start doing the push-ups. Do until failure.

Wall Sits- Place your back squarely against the wall with your knees bent and walk your feet outwards to form a 90 degree angle. Hold for as long as you can.

Handstands- Squat on the floor facing the wall. Place your hands flat on the floor and with your fingers pointing towards the wall (at shoulder width). Straighten your arms and move your shoulders over your wrists and then in a swift movement kick your feet up on the wall. Extend your body straight up and tuck your stomach in. Hold for as long as you can.

Handstand Push-Ups- Similar to doing the handstands but you lower your body until your head touches the floor. Then, push your body back up. Do until failure.

Depending on your fitness level and condition, do 3-5 sets.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Chateau Phelan Segur, 2005, Saint-Estephe, Medoc, Bordeaux

Property of Mr Flabby Less
Chateau Phelan Segur, 2005, Saint-Estephe, Medoc, Bordeaux

This delightful medium dark garnet/ruby coloured elixir consist of 45% merlot and 55% cabernet sauvignon. According to critiques, it's good to drink between 2011-2021. It has a substantial and robust nose of earthy green pepper and fine toasted oak. Drinking it gives you a wonderful bouquet scent of rich blackberries, plum and cassis perfume. I absolutely enjoy the supple meaty chew that's velvety, smooth and polished. I also find this wine well-rounded in texture/structure, quite full-bodied and has fine/soft acidity and tannins that didn't bite. Its finishing is beautifully long and nutty.

Although it may have a hint of spiciness, IMHO it is a gorgeous, highly approachable and well-balanced good wine to enjoy.