Sunday, 28 October 2012

I was busy working when I received a message on Whatsapp from Wifey...

"Check out!"

"Huh? What's this all about? What herbs do they sell? Are you suggesting I take some herbs? Safe or not?"

Wifey later explained that it's a website based out of USA that sells amongst others health supplements, foodstuff, supplies for babies and kids etc.

"I read it's cheaper than buying the same stuff from our local stores."

"Real or not? What if our order doesn't reach us? Let me do some research and check out the site."

The landing page of was minimalist. All items sold are listed clearly and without any frills. Since I've just bought whey protein from and I needed to stock up on creatine and BCAA, I clicked on these 2 items.

"Cool! These are brands that we cannot find here in Malaysia! So many to choose from! Wow!"

I spent some time reading the product descriptions (especially the expiration date, can't be ordering if the expiration date is just around the corner, right?) and compared various products etc. I even took out my trusty Excel sheet to calculate the unit cost of each item after conversion from USD into RM (it required some minor tweaking to accommodate currency conversion).

"Price is very affordable, even after including shipping charges! Hmm...very tempting!"

Could my online purchase go MIA?
I was worried my online purchase might go MIA and with that I would lose some money in the process. Also, I was worried about having to pay additional customs import taxes when the products arrive in Malaysia.

"If you seriously want to give it a shot, perhaps you can consider ordering something cheap. That way, you can test whether you end up having to pay customs import taxes when it arrives."

"Yeah, I guess so..." offers 3 shipping methods to Malaysia:-
1. DHL- Charges based on total weight of products shipped. 6-day average delivery time with possible extra delays/expenses due to customs. Offers tracking information.
2. UPS- Charges based on total weight of products shipped. 6-day average delivery time with possible extra delays/expenses due to customs. Offers tracking information.
3. International Airmail- Free delivery for orders over USD40.00. 1-4 weeks delivery time. Average delivery time to Malaysia based on feedback from existing customers is 9 days. No tracking information.

Accordingly to, international airmail deliveries are reliable and are a favourite shipping method for's customers in Europe and Asia Pacific. Also, chances are high that there will not be any additional customs import taxes. In the event of customs import taxes being charged upon arrival of the products ordered, the purchaser shall bear the same.

I selected the following products at
1. Optimum Nutrition, BCAA Caps, Mega-Size, 1000mg, 400 Capsules- USD24.62
2. Universal Nutrition, Creatine, 1000g- USD26.61

Total damage (including international airmail charges of USD4.00) is USD55.23, which is approximately RM172.72 (USD1:RM3.1272).

"This is not a lot of money. I don't mind giving it a shot..."

I took in a deep breath, then exhaled...and then I proceeded with my online purchase. My fingers were tightly crossed...

This time around, I made sure I double checked my orders and delivery details to avoid my previous fiasco! :-P

I waited and waited and waited...and my products arrived after about 2.5 weeks of making the online order. Here's the kicker...I didn't have to pay any customs import tax! :-)

Property of Mr Flabby Less
My ordered products arrived with 2 free gifts

Like me, if you would like to give a try and order something from them, please provide my referral code QUW344 when you make your online order. You will receive an instant USD10.00 off your first purchase of USD40.00 and above or USD5.00 off orders below USD40.00. I didn't get to enjoy any discount in my first purchase as I didn't have any referral codes as reference. Please don't make the same mistake ya...

I know I'm SO going to make more online purchasers from!

Online shopping is so easy and convenient!


  1. do iHerb orders need to be made from iphones?

  2. hi..
    if you dont mind me asking,how do you pick up your parcel from

    a)local post office

    b)door to door delivery by pos malaysia

    this is my first time ordering, so an answer would be much appreciated
    thanks~~! :)

    1. Pos Malaysia will deliver your parcel to your delivery add. Please make sure someone is there to collect on your behalf. Otherwise you'll end up having to drop by the identified Pos Malaysia outlet to collect the same.


  3. Replies
    1. pleasure mate! enjoy the products! so far i've made about 5-6 orders and so far so good :-)

  4. Hi, glad you blogged on iHerb delivery to Malaysia. Was rather skeptical to order from the site due to custom duty.
    Have you tried other delivery options like the DHL Express- International ?

    1. Hi Ms D,

      I've tried using DHL but not for iHerb products. From my previous experience, should the products purchased require clearance/payment of any custom duties, DHL will do it first on your behalf.

      With regards to iHerb products, IMHO there is no point using DHL as the additional courier charges would add on to the overall cost of the products purchased and reduce any form of savings of purchasing directly.


    2. Hi FL, thanks for the prompt reply.

      I wanted to order 3 items, each weighs more than 2lb. and they dont provide International Mail service for orders above 4lb.

      As the total delivery would cost more if I ordered the items individually via International Mail than using DHL (approx USD6 per item), hence I was wondering about the custom duties imposed on DHL service. I have checked on Malaysia custom duty website, but there is no info whether supplements/protein powders are exempted from duties.

    3. Hi Miss D,

      Yes, International Mail is only applicable for purchases below 4lbs.

      Sometimes it boils down to luck too. It doesn't mean all International Mail parcels would be lucky. I'm pretty sure some unlucky purchasers would have to pay the duties (if they really wanted the products) if the customs did impose duties on the purchased products.

      However, most supplements purchased for personal use (and not for resale) are typically exempted from duties. I'm sure you can make an appeal to the customs if otherwise.

      Good luck!


    4. Hi FL,
      Just thought I might share with you that I have opted for the International Mail on iHerb in the end. Received my order yesterday. Pretty impressed that international delivery only took exactly 14 days from the date I placed my order and no custom duty!

      Again, thanks for the info earlier.

    5. Hi Ms D,

      Good to know your online purchase arrived after 2 weeks.

      I've lost count of the numerous times I've made online purchases at far so customs duty! :-P

      Just to share, I would typically receive my parcels within 3 weeks of making the order.

      Enjoy your product!


  5. But how about the product from iHerb..?
    Is it great..?

    1. hi msdoble,

      pretty good actually. i've been a repeat customer from day 1. some products are rather generic and you'll need to spend some time comparing the stuff that you plan to buy.

      good luck!


  6. I order 3 bot of Blessed Thirstle tablets from iHerb on 20 March, using international mail, but I not yet receive it. Am I the unlucky one?

    1. hi joewyn,

      have you received your order yet? if not i suggest you email to inform them. i've experienced a lost order before and they offered an alternative solution.

      all the best!


  7. i've made 4 purchase of supplements frm iherb using dhl.all arrived only complaint is my free gift in 2nd & 4th purchase is gone,only plastic wraping in the box.i guess custom must have taken them & it might be a bit expensive cos the 1st & 3rd batch gift is measuring tape & nail buffer.anyone experience this?

    1. hi, i've never experienced this b4. all gifts are included. too cheap for customs to confiscate imo *chuckle*