Friday, 2 January 2015

Building muscles faster

Building muscle is actually quite easy. You just have to remember 2 easy rules.

These 2 rules work all the time and they are easy to remember. If you neglect these rules, chances are you won’t see any significant improvement or result.

These rules serve to help you gain muscle faster, become significantly stronger and spend less time in the gym- a win-win-win situation!

Rule #1: No Isolation Training

Most gym-goers perform high reps with puny weights trying to sculpture their muscles. This is perfectly fine when you’re trying to sculpt the last 5%. However, you should never attempt this until you’ve already built the mass! What is there to sculpture when you don’t even have the muscle mass??!!

At the very core of every successful bodybuilder is the use of massive and heavy compound movements such as squats, deadlifts, barbell rows, barbell bench presses, pull-ups and barbell military presses. These compound movements are the foundation that build muscle mass!

Rule #2: Focus on Building Strength

This is a simple rule: strength = muscles!

You need to pack on the weights you are using to build muscle. Puny weights equal puny muscles! This is why a gym-goer can workout continuously for many years without seeing any real results. This person is most probably doing the same workout with the same weights every time he hits the gym! C’mon, that’s insane!

Building muscle is about creating a stimulus to your body that demands adaptation. The best way to create that stimulus is by shifting your focus away from high reps with puny weights to packing on the weights when you perform compound movements to build strength.

Pick any rep range you fancy- 5 sets of 5, 3 sets of 8, 4 sets of 10, anything really. You need to stay focused and achieve your sets and reps. Thereafter, add more weight and continue increasing each time you hit the gym. Simple! ;-)

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