Saturday, 21 July 2012

Celebrity Fitness, Mid Valley Branch

I've been a member of Celebrity Fitness since 2008. Prior to that, I was with Fitness First. If my memory serves me well, I started in 2001/02 at their maiden club in Menara John Hancock (now Menara Manulife) in Damansara Heights within a few months of their launch. 

But why did I change clubs? Well, that's certainly something to blog about in the near future.

My membership with Celebrity Fitness allows me to workout at all their clubs (passport membership). I would typically workout at their 1 Utama, Subang Parade and Bangsar Village branches. I've only been to the Mid Valley branch just once previously (some time in 2008).

I had a meeting at The Gardens yesterday so I decided to swing by an hour earlier to workout at Celebrity Fitness, Mid Valley. I reckon that since my workout takes approximately 45 minutes, I should be able to get out by the hour mark after taking a shower.

Since I've only been to the Mid Valley branch just once previously in 2008, I decided to double check their website to be sure.

"Yes, the Celebrity Fitness branch at Mid Valley still exists!"

After parking my car, I took the lift straight up to Level 3. I came out at the cinema side and intuitively I knew I have to walk to the other end of that level cos that's where the gym is located at.

"Wait a minute, this can't be it! Where's Celebrity Fitness?', I asked myself as I stood right outside Pets Wonderland.

Looking towards the previous food court area, which was now off limit to the public and clearly some kind of renovation/construction work was in progress, "Where's the food court? The gym used to be located right after the food court. What's this huge Mickey Mouse statue doing there?"

I walked over and took a peek into the renovation/construction area (actually more kancheong than kaypoh ya).

"Where's the gym? Have they moved? Did they close this branch since they now have a branch at Bangsar Village? Didn't they update their website? I can't be leaving Mid Valley now and head over to Bangsar Village for my workout. The to and fro traffic and not to mention parking will surely be a stressful ordeal! I don't have much time to waste! I need to workout now, otherwise I will be late for my appointment! I've psyched myself up for today's training! Damn potong steam! (POTONG STEAM X1)

I decided to call them...

"Hi, Celebrity Fitness Mid Valleeeeey."

"Huh-low. I'm trying to find the gym at Mid Valley. I'm now at Level 3, standing right outside Pets Wonderland. I don't see the gym anywhere. Have you relocated?"

"No, sir. We are still located at Level 3. But you can't access the gym directly from where you are. You'll need to go down to Level 2, walk towards Jusco and take the escalator up."

"Great! Thanks!"

I did as instructed and as I reached the end of the escalator, "Woohoo! Found it! I still have enough time to complete my Day 3 training programme but I'll have to be quick plus I need to limit my rest period."

After tagging in, I quickly walked up the stairs and headed towards the guys' changing room.

"Hmm...where's the towel counter? It should be right outside the changing room. Maybe they have moved it inside."

I went into the guys' changing room but there's no towel counter in sight.

"'Cuse me, bro. Can I know where the towel counter is?"

"It's downstairs, next to the staircase."

"Oh, I didn't see any towel counter when I came up the staircase. Thanks bro, will check it out."

I walked down the other staircase and there was the towel counter!

"There are 2 staircases here and I had to take the one without the towel counter! Brilliant! Just brilliant!"

After collecting my towels, I quickly ran back to the changing room and changed. Once I've finished changing, I took out my padlock and proceeded to lock my locker...

"TNMCH! The locker hook is too tiny and my thick and long padlock can't fit! OH NO! This can't be happening to me!" (POTONG STEAM X2)

I checked on a few other lockers and they have the same tiny hook...

Then, I stumbled upon 1 that's just slightly larger then the previous ones and my thick and long padlock can be forced through.

"I don't care! This will have to do!"

I locked up and headed straight to the weights area to start my workout. The guys there were mostly working out in groups, doing straight sets etc. Since I was new there (last time there was in 2008), naturally they were checking out my workout. As shared in my earlier posts, my training is different and has been designed to double up as cardio too (yeah, it's legit cheating!). It's high in intensity as it involves high reps and has multiple movements in each set and limited (sometimes none!) rest period between sets.

I got reacquainted with an old gym buddy when I was finishing up my training. We used to train at Fitness First, KLCC between 2002-2004. He's so much larger than how he used to be. I wanna be just like him when I grow up! *Guffaw!* Then again, I doubt that'll happen as my training programme is more skewed towards general fitness and not growing thicker (and longer! muahahahahaha!) and larger muscles. :-P


  1. haha, you're the first person i know who cant find his gym....thick and long seem to be a recurring theme hor, even with padlocks.

  2. hmm...thick and long is not just a's a reality! :-P

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  4. Great review on Celebrity Fitness, I workout at the 1 utama branch but the midvalley one looks so much larger!

    1. thanks wong. i too workout at the 1u branch. can't stomach d bad jam n parking problem at mv area. cheers!