Tuesday, 13 November 2012

7 top bodybuilding myths

I remember vividly when I first started weight training in 2001, everyone tried talking me out of it.

These are some classic/common statements from people around me..."Are you sure you want to do this? Lifting heavy weights isn't good for your joints. Eh, it looks ugly if you get too bulky. If you stop working out, your muscles will turn into fat!"

What a load of BS! It's funny how bodybuilding has been sorely misconceived.

I would like to share some bodybuilding myths for your reading pleasure...

1. You Get Fat When You Stop
People think that muscles will turn into fat when you stop working out. WTF?! Fat and muscles are different things and it's physically impossible for muscles to turn into fat. Yes, muscles lose definition when you stop working out but it doesn't disappear or turn into fat. After you stop working out, you’ll continue to have your muscles until they deteriorate through damage or your body burns them for energy when in nutrition deprived mode. If you continue to ingest high calories and not workout, you'll surely gain fat. So blame getting fat on your lifestyle and eating habit, not on muscles turning into fat when you stop working out.

2. Bad For You
Most people think that lifting weights put profound stress on your body, especially your joints and bones. However, if you use proper technique/form, bodybuilding will actually improve your overall fitness and strengthen your body structure. Some people also claim that bodybuilding does not help in strengthening your heart. Well, try doing high reps/dropsets/giant sets and you'll have a 2-in-1 (anaerobic and aerobic) workout.

3. No Skills Required
Bodybuilding requires proper technique/form, failing which you'll end up injuring yourself. Proper technique/form is also important to ensure your muscles are thoroughly worked out and worn so that they can thicken adequately in order to increase density. You'll never see results if you don’t use the right technique/form, resulting in frustration. Consequently, you might just end up throwing in the towel.  

4. It's Easy & Anyone Can Succeed
People think bodybuilding doesn't require skills and as such they feel it's easy and anyone can do it and succeed. Bullocks! In order to be a top bodybuilder you need the right mix of genetics and skills. Have 1 and not the other and you won't make it in the big league.

5. It's All About Good Genetics
Bodybuilding is not 100% genetics. It's probably 50% genetics and 50% skills/knowledge/determination. Again, have 1 and not the other and you won't make it in the big league.

6. Himbos
Although bodybuilders concentrate on building up their physique to look good, that doesn’t mean they are dumb asses or "himbos". I find that most bodybuilders are very strong mentally (strong-willed too) as they use their mental strength to focus on training and building up their physique (mind over matter) and to strive for overall well being. They use their mental strength, discipline and determination to commit and improve themselves by regularly hitting the gym and watching their food/nutrition intake. Bodybuilders are generally quite intelligent as bodybuilding requires a complex understanding of human biology, chemistry, nutrition and dietary to succeed.

7. Small Herman
Muahahahaha! This is such a silly myth! Yes, in order to build muscles, your body uses testosterone and people think it'll be at the expense of your mojo. No freaking way! Your body is an efficient machine and will certainly replenish the testosterone level so don't worry. Most bodybuilders feel good about themselves and how they look and it's this confidence that will give them the X-factor to last longer and go the extra mile when having sex.


  1. I think when most people think about bodybuilding they think about those guys that stand around in little speedos, orange from fake tans, with unnatural looking muscles and a very low body fat, anyone that does that does look kind of stupid click this . Also when people do a certain type of flex they make a face which I'm sorry but it's really funny.

    1. Thanks for your comment Neil. Can't agree more. Most people don't look ripped etc. But it's definitely not something easily achievable. It takes time, determination, commitment and discipline. Bragging rights for those who succeed.

  2. I looks very thin to see and now i plan to start the gym and my question is that within how much time i will become the bodybuilder. It's my desire that i will a bodybuilder and if anybody guide me that what i eat to make my body healthy and from which things i avoid myself. bodies.co.uk

    1. some people take years and some people take less time. it boils down to genetics and commitment to training and dieting. everyone can do it. you won't know until you give it a shot! all the best!

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