Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Benefits of free weights training

People tend to feel intimidated when they initially start training at the weights section of the gym. The sight of  avid body-builders busy pumping away weights and the sound of their grunt as they pump those irons typically make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes you may even end up with cold sweat as you worry you might make a fool of yourself at the weights section.

Forget about these blokes and mind your own business. The weights section is not a place where you compete with the next bloke who can lift and/or pump heavier weights. There is no winner or loser at the gym. The fact that all of you are working out and challenging your body/muscles means you are all winners. Just plan your weight training programme and focus on completing your routine. We are all at the gym for 1 simple reason...to have a good workout.

Once you are able to mentally block out all your negative thoughts, you'll be able to enjoy yourself and reap the benefits of free weights training. Some of the key benefits of free weights training are as follows:-

1. Promotes multiple muscles movement that will help create better overall muscle tension because primary and secondary muscles will be working together;
2. Trains your body to balance the weight and use a wide range of muscles including smaller supportive muscles to stabilise your body while lifting/pumping weights;
3. Increases strength of many functional movements that will help in everyday life;
4. Helps build core muscles especially when you lift weights while standing;
5. Helps your body work harder and creates a larger anabolic response; and
6. Enables a greater variety of "free range" movements where a muscle group can be exerted in a variety of ways using the same general type of equipment.