Friday, 7 December 2012

Mountain musang king

It's durian season once again and this time around it's a bumper harvest so prices of durians have decreased significantly. That's great news and I can stuff my face with my favourite fruit without burning a hole in my wallet! 

Just to show comparison, prices of musang king ranged between RM30-35 per kg in June this year but you can now get it for between RM8-14 per kg. What a steal! I can have almost 3 times the amount today compared to the previous season in June. Value for money? You betcha! I'm thoroughly pleased!

I recently met a new business associate through work and over lunch one day we exchanged stories about wine, food and travel. We then started talking about durians especially about how affordable musang king are this season and how much we enjoy the king of fruit.

"Have you tasted mountain musang king?"

"Mountain musang king? I'm not too sure but I highly doubt it."

"Although mountain musang king are produced and harvested here in the Malaysian highlands, they are not readily available to us Malaysian as they are exported to Singapore. They are of premium quality and have very intense flavours. The spikes of mountain musang king are larger than the ordinary musang king. Typically, the fruit is brown in colour."

"That sounds very interesting. I would love to try it one day."

"I'm getting a basket full (industrial-sized of course) sometime next week and I'll pass you some. Just to share, mountain musang king are sold for about RM30 per kg to the middlemen/exporters and once they are exported to Singapore, they're sold for about SGD30-40 per kg."

"That's madness! No wonder they are not sold here! Can't wait to try it!"

The following week, the long awaited call came in...

"The mountain musang king are here. I'll drop them off at your place later this afternoon."

"Great! Thanks!"

That night, Wifey and I had the mountain musang king at almost midnight after putting Sonny and Girlie to sleep.

So what's the verdict?

Great balls! This is the best ever durian I've had todate! Tiny seeds, very creamy flesh, strong durian aroma and extra bitter which bitterness lingers at the back of the mouth....all I've ever wanted in durian! A truly wonderful and fulfilling experience for me and Wifey that night (yeah, better than sex! guffaw!!!).

In case you are curious about the nutritional value of the king of fruit, please refer to my earlier post "Durian!!! My favourite!!! :-)".

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