Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Attempting a max

Have you ever wondered what your max lifting weight is for your compound movements such as deadlift, barbell bench press, military press and squat?

If you are eager to find out, you should attempt a max for your compound movements. 

When you attempt a max, you'll need to first change your mindset as attempting a max is different from your normal working out sessions. Always remember to warm-up and prepare your target muscles with a lower weight before you increase load.  

This is what you do...
Warm-Up Set #1: 40% of max load, 8 reps
Warm-Up Set #2: 50% of max loan, 6 reps
Warm-Up Set #3: 60% of max loan, 4 reps

Working Set #1:  75% of max load, 3 reps

Working Set #2:  80% of max load, 3 reps

Working Set #3:  85% of max load, 1 rep

Working Set #4:  90% of max load, 1 rep

Working Set #5:  95% of max load, 1 rep

Working Set #6:  Try to set a new max by at least 10-20 lbs.

For safety reasons, you'll need to train with a buddy so that he/she can spot you when the need arises. His/her role is also to provide motivation and moral support for you to lift your new max.

Once you achieve a new max, trust me you'll feel victorious!

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