Thursday, 5 June 2014

Elixir Du Grand Enclos, 2010, Graves, Bordeaux

Elixir Du Grand Enclos, 2010, Graves, Bordeaux
Property of Mr Flabby Less

This is a truly special wine of Chateau de Cerons as it is only produced in perfect vintages and in exremely limited quantities. Blend of mainly cabernet sauvignon with merlot. Very complex tasting and one of the most interesting wines I've ever tasted. Taste evolves over time. At the beginning, it tastes of vanilla essence but as you let it breathe, the taste begins to change to more blackcurrant and cocoa. Dense and velvety. Smooth and rounded tannin. This wine taste very good now but I bet it'll taste even better after a few years. Yes, this wine is definitely made for cellaring.

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