Tuesday, 17 July 2012

1st week of training

"I will survive! I will survive! I will survive!" (to the tune of "I Will Survive"....what else could it be? :-P)

......and yes! I did survive my 1st week of training :-) WOOHOO!!!

Like a poorly oiled machine, my movements were slightly off the mark. It actually felt weird when I initially lifted weights. This was expected due to the long layoff.

"Old" members were staring at me (hopefully not sniggering at my out-of-shape body!) as I was considered "new" to their gym. Regular gym-goers have buddies at the gym and they would sometimes workout together. This "newbie" was all alone and was lifting puny weights! (Malunya!)

Maybe that's why they were staring at me...a big-ass guy lifting puny weights and sweating buckets! (Malunya x2!)

In order to slowly ease myself in and not injure myself, I used light weights (about 1/4 of what I used to lift) and emphasised on form. Reps were kept high between 15-20 and I didn't rest much between sets. This is to ensure I get a good cardio workout too while lifting weights.

Weights were indeed puny but the intensity was kept high at all times. As a result, I was sweating buckets! I've the perfect solution to the recent water rationing woes! :-P

On the average, I managed to complete each training session within 45 minutes!

What do you mean no time? It's only about 45 mins per session!

After my 1st week of training, my body was aching all over! Muscles were in constant spasm! I couldn't even straighten my arm and was walking slowly (like an old man who has lost his walking stick!).

The pain eased after 3-4 days. I know this pain is well-worth it as it's the start of my journey back into shape. Also, the pain gets considerably less along the way. I look forward to next week's training!

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