Sunday, 8 July 2012

Come back

After a long hiatus (since Feb 2010 when Sonny was born), I plan to make a come back to the gym scene. This week shall be my first week back in training. However, my focus and training programme have some what changed.

Before Sonny's arrival, I had all the time in the world and I would workout 3-4 times a week for about 1.5 hours per session. I was in tip-top condition and was able to flaunt it! Hey, I worked hard and deserved to have some bragging rights, right? :-P

Previously, it was strictly weight training with limited (sometimes even none) cardio. The weights that I used to carry were massive. As an indication, I could deadlift 120kg easily! My biceps were about 16"!

However, since I'm a homey and responsible dad and I cherish spending time with both Sonny and Girlie, I try to cut short my training. Although training time may have reduced, intensity shall be kept high.

I've recently designed my new training programme and I'm happy to share...

Day 1
  1. Inclined barbell chest press + Barbell bicep curl + Dumbbell bicep curl
  2. Flat barbell chest press + Inversed barbell bicep curl + Dumbbell chest pullover
  3. Flat dumbbell chest press + Flat dumbbell chest flye + Hammer bicep curl
  4. Inclined dumbbell chest press + Inclined dumbbell chest flye + Inclined bicep curl
Day 2
  1. Military shoulder press + Reverse military shoulder press + Seated leg press + Seated calf extension
  2. Arnold shoulder press + Lateral dumbbell shoulder press + Machine leg extension
  3. Barbell lateral shoulder raise + Dumbbell lateral shoulder raise + Dumbbell lunge
  4. Front barbell shoulder raise + Bendover dumbbell shoulder raise + Machine leg curl
Day 3
  1. Bendover barbell back row (open & closed grip) + Overhead French tricep press
  2. Bendover dumbbell back row + Barbell closed grip bench press + Abs crunches
  3. Machine pulldown (open & closed grip) + Machine tricep extension
  4. Machine seated back row + Seated tricep press + Bendover dumbbell tricep extension

In order to keep the level of intensity high, try not to rest between sets for each combo. Weights can be light but don't worry about it. Since you do not stop during the course of each combo, this training consist of both aerobic and anaerobic training. Call it cheating but from a time perspective, it makes a lot of sense for me. One can spend 2-3 hours at the gym but if it's of low intensity, you're wasting time and effort! My aim is to have the most effective training at the least amount of time.

Since this training programme is new to me, I'll print it out into little sheets of paper that I can easily slip into my pocket for easy reference during training. The last thing you want is to second guess (and waste time!) your training programme during the course of your training. This method helps to simplify your training and keeps you focussed on what needs to be done. Try it!

My weekly training programme in little sheets of paper for easy reference during training

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