Sunday, 8 July 2012

Getting started

How did I end up starting this blog?

Well, I was having a pint (actually 2) of Guinness draft with my buddy, FatBoyBakes, yesterday and paired our perfect pints with some sinfully delicious finger food (I know, not all healthy but hey there's no harm in indulging now and then)...and while we were catching up, the subject of blogging came up (not surprising as FatBoyBakes is an avid blogger).

"What should I blog about? I don't have the slightest clue. Also, I don't have the time! Plus my English is not as good as yours!"

"Anything that interests you. Why not try fitness and health since there aren't many around and you are knowledgable in that area? You don't need a lot of time to blog...about an hour or so for each post. If you can write the way you sms me, you'll be fine."

(I've to confess the above are not verbatim but they more or less cover the gist of the discussion)

I've decided to use "Flab2Fab". Why? I think it's catchy and IMO there's some truth behind it. Let me stop here so that I can stress this....SOME (yes, just some)!!! :-P

I declared to Wifey and she approves of the idea of starting my own blog and my choice of pseudonym. While both Sonny and Girlie were taking their afternoon nap, I took out my iPad, accessed Blogger and started to sign-up for a blogspot account.

In order to sign-up for a new blogspot account, a new Gmail address is required. I impatiently keyed in "" and registered that as my new gmail address. I then keyed in my name and "flab2fab" as my profile ID. I continued for a while more and then decided to review my account settings. To my horror, I realised that while my profile ID was rightfully "flab2fab", my email add was ""!!!

"OMG! OH NO! This can't be happening! Which school did I go to?!?! How do I fix this?"

I tried adding a supplementary email add and then tried to delete the primary email add, hoping that the supplementary email add will be reclassified as the primary email add but to no avail. I finally decided to delete the "" account and then to start afresh.

I tried registering "" but it's already registered by someone else. 

"Arrgh! This is terrible! Maybe I shouldn't waste time...maybe blogging is not for me. This must surely be a sign..."

I asked Wifey for suggestions and after throwing a few names, we decided on "". With my fingers tightly crossed, I keyed this in and yes, I was successful! 

After I'd inserted my preferred profile ID of "flab2fab", I needed to decide on a domain name before I could start blogging. Naturally, I wanted "" and keyed this in but it was not available. I tried a few other names and just when I wanted to key-in "", FatBoyBakes sent me a sms saying something something something (I really can't recall) and he ended with "Mr. Flabby Less". 

"Hey, this might just work!"

I checked with Wifey for confirmation and thereafter decided to go with this suggestion by FatBoyBakes.

"I got it! I got it! I can finally start blogging!"

Before I could do anything, my dashboard highlighted that this domain name has been automatically deleted by the Blogger system. When I tried to restore it, the system mentioned something about this domain being spam. I had to complete an online request/appeal form so that the Blogger Team could look into this matter. They did and I finally had access to my domain "" after about 10 minutes. TYVM, Blogger Team!

It has been an interesting experience for me setting up this blogspot account. I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is worth my while.

My parting words for my very first post..."I dedicate this first post to my deaaaaarrrr friend who inspired me through fat and thin, to impart my wisdom on matters pertaining to fitness to the masses." (this is verbatim per FatBoyBakes' request!)


  1. wah, that profile pic is you ah? very the spartacus! i'm so impressed you managed to do it all on an ipad. gorgeous template btw, and hilarious first post. good luck, dont forget me when you're famous.

    1. yes, my wannabe pic. long way to go still, i'm afraid.

      i'm already "fei-must" :-P