Thursday, 6 March 2014

Panerai Pam 116F with titanium case and tobacco base dial

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Panerai Pam116F with titanium/tobacco base dial

I've always wanted a nice watch but since the arrival of Sonny and Girlie, my priorities have changed and I've decided to put this interest on hold for the time being. Buying a luxury watch is not as important as meeting the needs of my kids, especially saving money for their education.

That was until I was introduced to a buddy of my buddy at our favourite wine place. Both of them are watch aficionados. I decided to make some enquiries in relation to Rolexes and Panerais, and almost instantly we started exchanging ideas and sharing information in relation to these and other watches.

We must have started off very well (perhaps the few bottles of Bordeaux red that we had helped too!) and the buddy of my buddy offered to sell me some of his watches. I jumped at the opportunity and started making more enquiries!

He made a very friendly and generous offer to me. As I was getting my first "proper" watch, he offered to sell me his rare Panerai Pam 116F at his previous purchase price. His watch was in excellent condition as he didn't wear it much (he had 49 watches in total!!!). 

Panerai only made 300 pieces of this watch (F series) and this watch beared the number F02X/300. Pam 116F was the last batch of watches made by Panerai with titanium case and tobacco dial pieces. The numbers and markers on the dial are hand-painted and that makes this watch even more special as Panerai no longer produced hand-painted dials. These days the dials are "sandwiched". Its opened case back displays the beautiful and no longer produced "Panerai Stamped" movement. The first batch of this model called the E series, yielded only 1200 pieces. So in total, there are only 1,500 Pam 116s produced in the entire history of Officine Panerai. 

This is such an excellent 1st watch for me and I'm thoroughly pleased! ;-)

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