Monday, 22 April 2013

Not all oatmeals are the same

I often have oatmeal for breakfast. I would typically take my oats with honey or milk or yoghurt or banana.

While having oats first thing in the morning is a healthy option, oats that are heavily processed are BAD for you.

Processed oats are bad for you as it's packed with artificial ingredients, coloring, flavours and sugar. Processed oats also have a significantly higher glycemic index than regular "old fashioned oatmeal" due to its instant nature where it's been pre-cooked via high-heat processing. This high heat processing also diminishes many important vitamins and minerals, making it less nutritious. 

If you're going to have oats, please stay away from the instant, processed, sugar-laden versions. Instead, choose the plain ol' steel cut oats. Yes, they may take a few minutes longer to cook, but it's certainly worthwhile and better for you as it has a lower glycemic index, packed with extra fiber and has greater vitamin and mineral nutritional values. Besides, steel cut oats will also leave you feeling fuller longer. Taste wise, you'll probably find its firmer texture and nuttier flavour a lot more interesting and palatable than the
mushy texture of instant oatmeal.


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