Saturday, 6 April 2013

Top 5 muscles women love!

IMHO, most men workout at the gym to look good for one reason and one reason attract the ladies! ;-)

So, which are the muscles that attract and turn women on the most?

#1. Abs
This is voted the sexiest body part and women just love washboard stomach. The ripples of the abs makes women wet (in the mouth and other areas too! LOL!)! Men should strive for six-pack and not a goody pack (yes, please go easy on alcohol especially beer!)! If you can't achieve rock-hard abs or six-pack, you should at least have a flat stomach.  

#2. Hips and butt 
Interestingly, women like narrow hips with a built butt. Apparently women like holding men's hips when having sex...(think love handles!) ;-P  

#3. Biceps 
Guns! Show me those guns! Women like the sight of big and well-defined biceps especially when men are in short sleeve tees or shirts. They feel the guns up there will awe them the same way as their gun down there! Also, big and well-defined biceps indicate that you're taking good care of your body. If you can take good care of your body, chances are you'll take good care of the ladies too.

#4. Chest 
Perfectly square pectorals are part of the whole image women have conjured up in their fantasy-filled daydreams. While women can simply enhance their busts with push-ups and padded bras, we men have to work hard (and often for long hours) for ours (ouch!).

#5. Shoulders 
Women love well-defined and broad shoulders because they signify masculinity. Also, a body with broad shoulders and a small waist gives the sexy "V" illusion, which immediately turns women on.  

I'm genetically gifted in my legs and they are large, defined, strong and powerful without much training. Unfortunately, legs didn't make the list above :-( 

Thank god I still have at least my guns to show off! ;-P

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