Saturday, 25 August 2012

I'm in the market to replenish my supplements, especially protein (down to my last week's servings) and the best way to research is via the internet.

"Hmm...lets see whether there are any good deals in the market..."

If you have read my earlier posts, you'll notice I'm a VIP member of GNC. So why not buy from GNC since I've certain privileges (usually in the form of discount)? Nah, change is always good. Who knows, I might just get better deals than what I'm currently enjoying at GNC. No harm getting a bang for our buck! :-)

Having been a VIP member of GNC for many years (since 2004 if my memory serves me well), I know the prices of protein supplements sold there. So that becomes my benchmark for comparison.

I would typically go for whey protein. As a tip, divide the cost of the bottle/packet of protein by its weight and compare the price per pound. In addition, you'll also need to compare the number of servings and protein content for each serving. No point buying cheap whey protein (low price per pound) when you need to double up the serving for the same amount of protein, right? We need to shop intelligently.

I remember seeing the outlet in Subang Parade the other day when I went there for my cardio workout so I decided to check out their website.

Briefly, is Malaysia's first and largest online sports nutrition company that distributes a wide range of sports nutrition products, bodybuilding/gym attire and fitness accessories. Do check out their cool website at

I was pleasantly surprised to find out they have over 40 brands to choose from. In addition, since they offer free shipping for orders above RM250 within Peninsular Malaysia, I can easily shop online! Plus, all orders sent by courier is guaranteed a free sample or gift!

"WOOHOO! Time to shop!"

I immediately zoomed in on their range of whey protein.

"Wahlau eh, so many to choose from!" I was impressed to say the spoilt for choice!

Once I've done my calculations (in an Excel sheet of course...I'm afterall in corporate finance so this should come at no surprise, right?), I compared all available whey protein products and selected the most affordable and value for money option...the Mutant Whey (hopefully I don't turn into one after consuming it! *chuckle*).

At RM176 for 5lbs, the Mutant Whey is the most value for money whey protein at RM35.20 per pound! Notwithstanding the affordability, this whey protein is pretty good. Each packet contains 63 servings (or RM2.80 per serving) and each serving contains 22g of protein. In addition, this product contains numerous amino acids so it has the right mix of essential nutrients for muscle building/maintenance. It goes without saying this was my whey protein of choice and I ordered 3 packets!

A representative of called me 2 days after I've made the online purchase. She wanted confirmation on the products ordered and delivery address/time. She also explained that after receiving my confirmation, they'll proceed to ship my order from their warehouse and the same will reach me the next day.

Yes, indeed the products arrived the following day...but there was a twist!

A Mandarin-speaking lady called me on my mobile, "Hello, is this Mr Flabby Less?"

"Yes, speaking."

"Did you order supplements from"

"Yes, I did. Have you delivered my order to my house?" I assumed it was from and they had difficulty locating my house.

"Err...actually your order was delivered to my house..."

I almost fainted! "Huh? My delivery address is 23, Jalan ABC, SJ wor..."

"Yes, this is Jalan ABC, SJ...but my house number is 30."

"I'm so sorry! I think I must have provided the number of my own home located elsewhere and the street address of my parents' home! 23, Jalan ABC, SJ is my parents' home address...Aiyo, paiseh only!" I was so embarrassed to say the least!

"That's ok. Can you come pick it up this morning? I'm home at the moment?"

"Sure. I'll arrange. Thanks for informing me and I apologise for the mix-up."

I immediately called my parents' home and got Mummio to help.

Mummio said, "House 30 is right opposite our house la!" We had a good laugh! *ROFL*

Here's another good laugh! *ROFL*

After the call, I quickly logged into my account and checked on the delivery address. Yup, I made a booboo on the delivery address. I can't believe it! I immediately changed the delivery address from #30 to #23 so that there won't be any booboo in future.

All in all, my order arrived after 3 days of making the online purchase. It was an interesting experience *ROFL* and I'm pretty sure I'll be ordering more supplements from


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