Monday, 13 August 2012


I did 2 consecutive days of M100s-Cardio-M100s and it was MURDER to say the least!

What's M100s? For more information, please refer to my earlier post on M100s.

This cardio training programme is simple. You start with M100s, then cardio for 45 minutes and you finish off with another round of M100s.

For the 45 minutes cardio, please ensure the speed or resistance level for your cardio machine of choice is NOT constant. You get more out of your cardio (burn more calories) if you alternate between high and low speeds/resistance levels compared with constant speed/resistance level cardio over the same duration.

For example:-
1. Stationary bicycle- Alternate between 45 seconds of Level 8 (at above 90 rpm) and 45 seconds of Level 15 (at above 100 rpm) for 45 minutes.
2. Threadmill- Alternate between 60 seconds of Level 6 and 60 seconds of Level 9 for 45 minutes.

How many calories are you able to burn per session? Based on the above examples for cardio, 45 minutes cardio should burn between 350-400 calories. As for the M100s, at my weight of about 92kg, each set of M100s (about 3-4 minutes) should burn between 40-45 calories (you'll burn less calories if you are lighter). So in total, I am able to burn between 430-490 calories per session.

Give it a try! You have nothing to lose (save for some calories and weight) and all to gain (a fitter body and a stronger heart).

Oh, so true!


  1. LOL, great post! I agree.. I should well be a supermodel too:)

  2. thanks, ciki!

    allow me to correct your last statement....looking at your profile pic, i think you ARE already a supermodel! :-P