Thursday, 16 August 2012

Recovery is a slow process

What's the status of my shoulder injury since sustaining it about a month ago?

I think the condition of my left shoulder has improved significantly. No more acute pain and I can move my left arm freely. It was so bad when I first sustained the injury that I couldn't even sleep well as the pain (when I unknowingly roll over to my left side) would wake me up! OUCH!

Also, I think the tit tar therapy sessions at Oriental Tit Tar and supplements are doing me good! I'm so pleased and excited that I'm on the right track to recovery!

Having said that, full recovery takes time and is a slow process. I need to be patient and not rush right back into weight training as I might risk injuring my left shoulder again.

I'm incorporating very light (puny!) weight training for my left shoulder in my effort to strengthen it. The movements are basic front/lateral raises and forward/backward circular arm movements. I'm using super light dumbbells (2kg) for this at the gym. If I feel like doing this at home or in the office, I would use a book or a bottle filled with water/sand.

I know they say "patience is a virtue" but unfortunately I'm a "kan cheong" vain pot who is eager to get back to training with weights. Life can be such a beeatch, don't you think?

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