Saturday, 11 August 2012

Gridiron Sports Cafe & Lounge Bangsar Baru

As usual, I drove myself to Celebrity Fitness Bangsar Village after work yesterday for my hour-long cardio workout (yeah, still no weights for the time being until my shoulder improves further) :-(

While driving towards Bangsar Village, I was thinking to myself, "I think I need a break from my monotonous work life and cardio workout, and perhaps have some alone time."

How true...

Work has been challenging of late with all the politics going on in the office. "Every man for himself" seems to be the name of the game. Physically I'm exhausted due to the frequent hour-long cardio sessions and lack of sleep at night.

After parking my car, I took the lift up to Level 3, registered myself at the counter, took my towels, went to the locker, removed my gear from my bag....and after that I just stood there staring at my gear.

"Do you really want to do cardio again today? How about grabbing a pint or two of Guiness nearby? Give yourself a much needed break. Have some alone time..."

After a minute of hesitation, I put my gear back into my bag, went down to B1, kept my bag in the boot of my car, took the lift to Ground floor and then walked out the main entrance of Bangsar Village towards Telawi 2.

I texted my buddy FatBoyBakes to see whether he was able to join me for happy hour drinks but he was busy spending time with his family. That's alright, family always comes first.

"Let's see what's interesting (eye candies la, what else could it be???) at Telawi 2..." :-P

Surprisingly, nothing much along Telawi 2 on a Friday evening. Maybe it was still too early. Since I'm a sports fan and I noticed many TVs showing sports at Gridiron (pronounced as "grid-iron"), I made my way through its entrance and I sat at the bar counter.

"Bro, any happy hour promo for beer?"

"Yes, Tiger pint is RM14 and Guiness/Kilkenny pint is RM16."

"Great! Please give me a pint of Guiness."

Pretty average price for a pint of Guiness. Other places charge RM50 for 3 pints of Guiness so it's more or less the same.

Time to have some finger food to go with my Guiness!

"Can I have the menu please?"

I find the menu interesting and I wanted to try a few items such as the Crunchy Spicy Squid, Lamb Vindaloo, Peri-Peri Chicken etc. But I wasn't going for a full meal and only wanted something light so finger food would be just right. After perusing the menu, I decided to order the Southern Fried Chicken (deep fried chicken strips) for RM12 a plate. I needed protein to fuel my body so this is perfect to pair with my perfect pint of Guiness.

While waiting for my grub, I noticed many TVs/screens in this pub. I was made to understand there are 33 screens and all would be showing sports (it's afterall a sports bar/pub/lounge!). There are also a few lounge chairs but I prefer the bar counter as I get to make small talk with the bartender etc. Service also tends to be better when you are within arm's reach of the crew, don't you think?

My deep fried chicken strips arrived after about 10 minutes or so.

"OMG! This is quite a large plate of chicken strips. How will I ever finish it?"

The chicken strips (easily 8 pieces I reckon) were tasty. It was moist and cooked to perfection. The BBQ sauce was so-so and had a hint of heat in it. Personally, I think Thai chilli sauce could have been a better condiment for the chicken strips.

Well, I did whack the whole plate and I washed it down with 2 pints of Guiness :-) I felt absolutely contented and relaxed at the end of my happy hour.

While I was walking our of Gridiron and bidding adieu to the crew, I made a promise to myself to return soon. I can't wait to try the other items on the menu, wash it down with a few pints of Guiness and watch some sports! Yeehar!

"I'LL BE BACK!" (in Arnie's terminator voice of course!) :-P

"Bach" or "Back"? Does it make a difference? *Chuckle*

If you are interested to check out Gridiron, it's located at No. 11-15, Telawi 2 Road, Bangsar, KL.



  1. had to choose the ONE day that i was actually spending time with the kids la. chis. its just next to my orfis and i've never been. call me when you'll be buck...

  2. Yeah we should check it out real tomorrow soon!