Thursday, 9 August 2012

Lee Chong Wei

On Sunday, 5th August 2012 at about 8pm (Malaysian time), the whole of Malaysia stopped and dropped everything that they were doing. They were glued to their TVs, watching Lee Chong Wei in action against Lin Dan for the must desired and elusive first Olympics gold medal for Malaysia.

I told Wifey, "Please don't watch the match. I don't want you to bring bad luck to him! I want him to win Malaysia's very first Olympics gold medal!"

For the record, every time Wifey watches Lee Chong Wei in action against Lin Dan, he loses. Maybe it's just plain coincidence but I'm not taking any chances on this big match! :-P

"Ok fine, I won't watch. I'll take care of Sonny and Girlie while you watch the match." Wifey can be such a dahhhhlinnnng! :-*

I felt positive. In fact, I think every Malaysian felt the same. We wanted him to beat the crap out of his #1 nemesis and return home with the coveted Olympics gold medal.

"He is looking good. Very strong and solid performance against Chen Long. He stands a good chance of beating Lin Dan this time around. Go Chong Wei! Go!"

Well, we all know how the match went. It was nail-biting to say the least. Very often I had to remind myself to breathe after each exciting rally/point.

Lee Chong Wei went down fighting. He narrowly lost 21-15, 10-21, 19-21 to world's number one single Lin Dan. There is no shame in this lost. He gave all he had and his fighting spirit was admirable. I had to hold back my tears looking at him squatting down and looking dejected in the middle of the court after losing the final point to Lin Dan.

I speak for all Malaysians...Lee Chong Wei is a hero! A national treasure too, if I may add. 2 Olympics silver medals are no easy-peasy feat.

Hold your head up high, Chong Wei. Well done! Thank you for bringing back the silver medal!


  1. did you mean illusive or elusive? guffaw.

  2. sorry, my england not so good :-P

    thanks for highlighting the error...